Help Us Restore the Social Hall

For 130 years, B’nai Israel has been the heart of Jewish life not only in Grand Forks, but for surrounding communities. An important part of this is the social hall, where we gather to observe our festivals, share in joyous life events, and comfort one another in time of mourning. Our kitchen has prepared Passover and Chanukah dinners which draw participants from as far as Bismarck and Bemidji. The hall is also used for meetings, classes, and other activities of religious, social, and cultural significance.

 In the fall of 2019 heavy rain flooded our social hall and kitchen with eight inches of water. During the pandemic shutdown more water seeped in, which caused further damage and extensive mold growth. As a result, the downstairs social hall and kitchen are now completely unusable.  Although we filed for insurance, the claim was denied.

Although repairs have been completed, and a grant and donations has helped with some of the cost, we are still over $56,000 out-of pocket. We need to recover these funds to support our programs and prepare for future building needs.

While the sanctuary is where we can get to know G-d, the social hall is where we get to know to each other. Our synagogue building must be restored in order to help maintain a vibrant and engaged Jewish community for generations to come.

Please help bring back the social hall. Your tax-deductible contribution, no matter the size, will go a long way toward this goal.