UND Jewish Student Organization

The University of North Dakota Jewish Student Organization maintains a close relationship with B'nai Israel Synagogue. It is a small but friendly group of Jewish students who get together periodically for meals, BBQ's, and other forms of eating.

If you are going to be a student at UND and would like to receive e-mails about our events, contact the faculty advisor,
Jack Weinstein at:
or via our congregational e-mail address at: NDBnaiIsrael@gmail.com

The UND Jewish Student Organization is a student group funded and endorsed by a public university and its student government. It is there open to all students regardless of religious affiliation. Its official description as recorded by the UND Student Government is found to the right.

The UND Jewish Student Organization is a group whose purpose is to promote a sense of community amongst students with strong connections to the Jewish faith and culture. Open to students of any faith, its primary purpose is to create an environment where students can feel comfortable about their Jewish rituals, beliefs, and backgrounds, without having to justify or explain them to those who find the Jewish tradition odd, exotic, or requiring justification. It also provides resources for those students who face conflicts between life at UND and Jewish activities -- the group and its advisor will help newer students communicate their needs to their teachers or peers when necessary. On occasion, the JSO will engage in educational or outreach activities, but for the most part, the JSO sees itself as a group dedicated to promoting informal gatherings and relaxed discourse amongst its members.

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