Torah Study Group




    The Torah Study meets every Saturday at 10:00 a.m., except when other activities are scheduled during this time. All that is required for participants is that they read the current week's Torah portion, and come ready to discuss what interested you. Was anything puzzling? Something strike you as unusual? Any part of the weekly portion that you found particularly interesting and would like to see what others think? The discussions are pretty freeform, and can be as lengthy or short as participants would like.


   We often do not get a chance to read, study, and discuss the entire portion of the Torah in the synagogue. The service is an opportunity to read the Torah aloud to the congregation, and doesn't really afford us a lot of time to discuss it's subtleties, context, etc. But Saturday morning is! Please join us and add your thoughts, questions, or complaints, to the mix. Jewish calendars available in the synagogue foyer list the weekly portions each Saturday.


Torah portions and haftorah portions are included. Feel free to take a calendar home for this, as well as other reminders throughout the year.


On weekends when the student rabbi visits, Adult Educatin follows Torah Study at 11 am.


  For more information, please contact us at