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(1)  *Congratulations & Farewell!*

A heartfelt congratulations goes out to our synagogue treasurer, Linda
Baeza-Porter, on the her offer and acceptance of a wonderful new job in Far
Off Iowa, where among other things, she will no longer be able to (easily)
perform the duties of being our synagogue treasurer.  We all (still) wish
her well, and all the best!

However, this raises the consequent issue that there now is an *opportunity*
for a congregation member to step in and complete the final year of Linda’s
2-year term as synagogue treasurer.  We have strived (strove?  striven?)
mightily this year to simplify the duties of this office, and the treasurer
no longer has to attend to recurring bills (which have all been put on
“auto-pay”), and now has the option of using online or printed checks to
make any needed payments on behalf of the synagogue.

At our annual picnic (and congregation meeting) we discussed how we wished
to accomplish more this year, and work on building back our membership and
income so we may do more as a congregation on behalf of our members.  Having
someone on board in one of the 4 elected board offices is key to this
effort, and will be infinitely smoother for us as an organization if we can
have some “overlapping” of officers so that Linda can still be with us to
assist in the transition.

Please consider helping us out, if even only for the year of Linda’s
unfinished term (though we hope you will consider longer!).

(2)  *Building Repairs Back on Track*

Donna is coordinating with Bert the resumption of our building repairs,
which got derailed slightly last year when we thought we were taking on
water (in the basement).  As it turned out (and huge thanks to Bert for
investigative work!), the source was a broken pipe from one of the sump
pump lines out to the curb.  We were, indeed, pumping water away from the
basement, but alas just to the edge of the building foundation, where it
came right back in.  A pipe repair fixed that, and we are now back on track.
Depending on contractor/repair-person availability we hope to have the work
done this summer and maybe be done by the High Holidays in the fall.

(3)  *Opportunities for our Congregation to Act Together with Others

Our CATCH group that the synagogue participates in (“Congregations Acting
Together for Change and Hope”) will hold a meeting to consider what issues
are of concern to our group, and what ways we may wish to address these
issues.  In addition to the synagogue, our group now consists of United
Church of Christ, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, The Islamic Center of Grand
Forks, and Christus Rex Lutheran Church.  Rev. Howie Baird of the Wesley
United Methodist Church is kind of hanging with us for a bit, but we’re
still “just friends,” I think, at this point.

Our next meeting (all are invited!) is on *Wednesday, July 8th, at 1:30 PM
at Christus Rex*.

(4) *Another Opportunity to Get Involved:  “Faith Forward”*

A new interfaith effort has begun organizing in Grand Forks, called “Faith
Forward.”  I believe I may have mentioned this at our annual meeting.  This
group (I quote from a message just received today) “invites faith leaders
to attend an organizing and informational meeting that is happening on
June 30 at 12 noon* at Christus Rex Lutheran Campus Center (3012 University

At this meeting, we will explore what communities in Bismarck, Fargo, and
Grand Forks are doing to advocate for social justice on the local level.”

I shall attend, and others are welcome to join in.  The definition of a
“faith leader” is “someone who shows up” to these kind of things.  Faith
Forward is a grant-funded initiative (Bush Foundation, I think) to promote
community action on social justice issues.

(5)  *Student Rabbinic Visits for Late Summer & Fall Holidays*

Isaama Stoll, our new student rabbi for the upcoming HUC academic year,
will visit us for the first time at the end of August for a “pre-High
Holidays” welcome visit.  She is a second-year student at Hebrew Union
College, and though she grew up in the Maryland area, she is no stranger to
our part of the country.  Isaama attended Carleton College in Northfield,
Minnesota, prior to commencing her studies at HUC.

Stay tuned for more news on services, student visits, and information about
our new student rabbi.  Our Fall/High Holidays bulletin will include a
message and biographical information.

Isaama’s first visit to Grand Forks will be weekend of August 28-30.  This
year the High Holidays (erev Rosh Hashanah) begin on Sunday evening,
September 13th.
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