Adult Hebrew Reading Group

    The synagogue's Hebrew language reading group meets on Sunday morning, also at 10:00. Unlike the Hebrew language class mentioned elsewhere in this bulletin (starting up in November), this group is strictly a reading group for those who would like extra practice to keep their reading skills sharp. There is no grammar, vocabulary, or translation involved, save for reading the English translations which (may) accompany the texts we've chosen. In the past, we've used the synagogue prayer book, Torah, Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers), and Psalms as texts to read through and, not entirely as an afterthought, to gain exposure to other interesting Hebrew texts we don't often encounter.

    Currently, a few of us in the group are working through a haftorah cantillation text to learn how these passages should be recited during public readings. We also previously worked through a textbook on the Torah cantillation method. The Hebrew reading group requires a basic ability to read Hebrew, but you do not have to be fluent in the language, know the grammar, etc. It is just for those who wish to keep or improve their Hebrew reading skills, and as an added incentive, be able to follow along more easily during the Hebrew reading during the synagogue service.

    For more information, please contact Victor Lieberman either at services, email, or phone. He can be reached at, or (701)795-9351.